They still appear to be an incredibly dangerous group. I'm the last person who wants to go to another huge war, but these guys have shown to be much more organized and effective than Al Qaeda or the Taliban ever were. Someone needs to stamp these guys out before they become a real full blown threat to the world, let… » 8/20/14 11:12pm Wednesday 11:12pm

The Purge makes me not want to comment anymore. I've never said anything remotely bad on Gawker, but the assholes had to ruin in for everyone... I don't blame you guys, but I just feel so, I don't know, ignored going back to the greys after all this time. It's kinda like being Dan Aykroyd in Trading Places... Without… » 8/19/14 5:50pm Tuesday 5:50pm

... Hopefully. You open it up, and drill a hole through the air regulators. Waaaaaaaaay more power that way. Or if it's a semi auto or auto, you can wire in a couple extra nine volts onto the power supply for a much faster rate of fire... Speaking as someone who may or may not have some sick Nerf guns in his hall… » 8/09/14 1:57am 8/09/14 1:57am